Azari & III “Manic” – Music Promo Shoot

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Here’s the Azari & III music promo I worked on a couple of weeks ago. This was a really fun shoot with a great team involved! The band arrived to the Camden Studios first and we started with group shots. I had to get the guys prepped, ensuring all their skin was camara ready and they’re hair was done, inc. some trims. After group & solo shots, the guys had to do their performance scenes. They really went for it and gave some great performances. However, it was one of the hottest days of the year & with the crew all packed in, the studio soon felt like an oven! I had to ensure that the guys were kept cool & powdered for the camera, so I was kept really busy!

In the second part of the day, our Actor and Model arrived. The guy needed his hair shaved to show off his head tattoo and his skin groomed for the camera. The brief for the girl was to look sexy but a bit crazy so I went for a slight “rock chick” look – winged eyeliner & nude lips. She had fantastic hair so I kept it down and disheveled. I had to also make her look “sweaty” so I dampened her hair & added some glycerin to her face. However, it was so hot anyway we laughed that I wouldn’t need to add much!

All in all, a really great shoot with the band & the team at LOVE.