Halloween fun!

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Well I thought I’d write about something a bit different this week! So rather than about work I’ve been doing, I thought I’d tell you about some fun I’ve been having! Halloween was upon us and it’s always a great excuse to have some fun (on myself) with make-up. Although, when your friends all know your a make-up artist, you do tend to feel like your working at Halloween! However, I love make-up, so it’s always a joy!

One of my friends wanted to go as the “Black Swan” character so I offered to do her make-up, which was great fun! We covered her whole face & body with white body paint to start with. Then using MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack and a slanted brush, I created the feathered eye shape that Natalie Portman wore in the movie. I left some areas slightly white and then filled with a silver glitter to imitate the original look. I contoured the cheekbones with a Screenface Bruise Wheel, using a purple tone. I then added MAC’s “Hang Up” to the lips to complete the look. I was really pleased with the result & it was great fun to re-create!

My friend Helen as Black Swan

For my own costume, I decided to go as a unlucky knife-thrower’s assistant! I decided to go for a fairly 50’s look and brought a vintage-style wig. Like my friend, I covered my face & body in white body paint to create a ghostly look! I enhanced cheekbones by e with the Screenface Bruise Wheel (as before) and a bold white on the top cheek bone. I also used the bruise wheel to highlight collarbone & bust. I took a white MAC eyeshadow “Forgery” across the eyelid and then defined with another MAC eyeshadow “Electric Eel” & Benefit shimmer powder in “Mint Julep”. I created dramatic 50’s flicks with MAC’s Fluidline in Blacktrack and a set of Eylure false lashes (Nichola Roberts in the Girls Aloud range). I then applied Boujous red lipstick – Rouge 01. To complete the look, I had to make it a little more grusome so I took a toy knife, cut the end off and attached to a piece of card to give it a back. Leaning this onto my head, I applied some liquid latex, which I built up to hold the knife in place. Once set, I covered the area with fake blood (Screenface) and made it look like it was dripping done my face!

My Knife-thrower's assistant look!

I love Halloween – so much fun! Have to get thinking about next year’s outfit now……