Haunted Graveyard shoot!

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Well, I have been very busy this week on various different things but one interesting day I had was shooting a fashion shoot in a haunted graveyard! Well I guess Halloween is fast approaching!

We shot in the St Pancras Old Chuch grounds, which is said to be one of the oldest churches in the country. We had an incredible model, Viktorija Skyte, who did an amazing job and wasn’t hesitant of posing on the gravestones!

One really interesting feature to the grounds was The Hardy Tree, which is a large tree surrounded by old graves stones that had to be moved when the railway was being built. The famous writer, Thomas Hardy was in charge of clearance & re-arrangement of the graves. Little bit eerie! However, it was beautiful so we couldn’t resist getting the gorgeous Viktorija to drap herself over it to get a great shot.

To ensure we didn’t go too “goth” I kept the make-up feminine with browns and hints of black. She had the most stunning eyes so I wanted them to be the main focus. I kept the lip fairly nude with a slight pink tone.

We got amazing shots this day, the whole team was so happy with the results – they’ll be on my gallery vvv soon!