Shooting with Tinie Tempah for Dockers / Complex Media

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A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of working with Tinie Tempah. We were filming a promo for Dockers clothing and Complex Media. Tinie was a real pleasure to work with and an absolutely lovely guy. With men, I like to keep makeup to a minimum and concentrate on keeping the skin looking great and shine-free. Tinie has an amazing complexion and fab bone structure, so was a joy to work on. Here are some images from the shoot and a behind the scenes video. For the final images, check out my “Music” gallery section, under “Images”


Me on set with Tinie Tempah – shooting for Dockers / Complex Media


Tinie Tempah in action – behind the scenes of Dockers / Complex Media shoot


Tinie Tempah performing to the camera on the Dockers / Complex Media shoot

On set wih Tinie Tempah for Dockers / Complex Media shoot


Check out this link for a “Behind the Scenes” video – If you look closely, you’ll spot me in action!  :