The Rifles’ music video – Long Walk Back

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A few weeks ago, I worked with the London band, The Rifles, on their latest music video “Long Walk Back”. It was a great video, shot around North London and featured the very talented Vicky McClure and Jonny Owen (who were some of the nicest people I’ve worked with – lovely pair!)

We started in the well known bar, The Boogaloo, where Vicky and Jonny had to have an argument and then the rest of the video, he’s chasing her to say sorry. I wanted to keep them looking fairly natural so I just used a light base on Vicky and emphasised her features, with highlighting on the cheeks and natural shadows on her eyes. With Jonny, I didn’t want him to look overly groomed as he needed to look believable as a normal man in the pub, so I just gave him some simple grooming.

It was a great video and brilliant to be part of. Even though the band weren’t in the video (except a small part by one of the lads playing a busker!) they were on set and were really lovely too.


Here’s the vid, hope you like 😀