XNUG Speakers – Promotional shoot

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This week, I worked on a great shoot for XNUG speakers. They wanted to reflect the quality of the product by having a high-fashion shoot for their advertising campaign. We shot it in a great location around East London, where there were these interesting mirrored structures. They were perfect for what we needed. We arranged the speakers in various different ways to help the model work with them & for one shot, even had a speaker runway!

I created two make-up looks – both were metalic to complement the clothing & the sheen of the speakers. The first was a gold & bronze coloured eye, gold mascara and a bronze lip gloss. Lots of shimmering highlighters on the cheekbones & bronzer on the cheeks. The second looks, I made the eye darker with a black / gold shimmer, lots of black mascara and lined the eyes with black pencil. I kept the cheeks and the lips the same as the first look. The model was fair so I left the brows as I felt it greated a stronger fashion look.


As we were getting the model ready for the second look, the rain poured down but we still managed to get the shots! Fortunately the rain seemed to add to the reflective look of the set.


Even though it did rain,we had a great shoot & a fab day 🙂