Bridal make-up

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Occasionally, I will do bridal make-up and this week I did a fantastic bride, Amber. It was a real pleasure to be involved in such a wonderful celebration and Amber was a fantastic bride to work on. Several weeks prior, we held a trial where we discussed what Amber wanted and how she normally wears her make-up. I think a trial is an essential part to bridal make-up, as it allows the make-up artist to discover what the bride’s personality is like, how she normally wears make-up (if at all) and her dreams for the day.

Amber before

Amber doesn’t normally wear a lot of make-up so she wanted to keep herself looking fresh and natural. I think it is really important for a bride to look like herself on her wedding day and not try and look like what she thinks a bride should! After all, the Groom has fallen in love with the way she looks so he might have a shock if she had a shovel-load of make-up on! lol

Amber after

Amber had great skin so I applied a really light Bobbi Brown foundation. I then applied various MAC highlighters to the brow bone, cheekbone and cheeks. This gave her a real fresh, dewy look. To compliment her skin tone, I blended gold tones onto her eyes, with a slight definition in the socket line. I defined the brows with a natural colour to frame her face a little more. Amber likes to wear a flicked top liner, so we made it a little more dramatic than she usually wears, just to make her look a little more special. I love MAC’s Fluidline in Blacktrack. Personally, I think it’s the best gel liner on the market. Most importantly, I applied waterproof mascara – just incase she shed a few tears! On the lips, I used a lovely apricot-toned gloss. Again, very light and similar to Amber’s natural lip colour. To finish, I gave her a dusting of powder, some lovely mineralise blush on the cheeks and a little bit of irridescent powder on the cheekbones (MAC’s Belightful – one of my fave products!)

I also did Amber’s hair, which was fairly simple as she had a great cut. I curled the whole head with tongs and then pulled the sides up slightly with grips, backcombed the crown slightly to create a bit more volume and secured in her delicate tiara.

It was a great to be part of Amber’s special day and wish her & Alex a wonderful future together.

Amber & Alex on their happy day - Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Duffin!