Illamasqua I’m Perfection campaign

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I’ve always loved the attitude of Illamasqua. Their campaigns are always exceptionally stunning, whilst continueous pushing the boundaries as a make-up brand. Their latest campaign, I’m Perfection, continues to encourage people to love their own looks and “…highlight the features that other brands encourage you to cover up. Because life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about celebrating who you really are.” The campaign images are GORGEOUS as always to be expected from Alex Box’s amazing team.

This is my favourite images from the Illasmasqua I’m Perfection campaign

I particularly love this image with the freckles coming through on the cheeks. I have had so many clients tell me they hate their freckles and as a freckly girl myself, I’ve never understood it! I love freckles and I love having them. In fact, I’m slightly disappointed I don’t really have them on my face! I think there’s nothing nicer than freckly skin & if they have good skin, I will use a really light base (if any!)

The latest Illamasqua encourages people to celebrate features other brands would cover up

Model wearing a fabulous Intense lipgloss in “Shoot”

The nail collection is also brillantly gorgeous with a range of speckled nail colours in beautiful shades.


I think the speckled nails are genius! Love the concept

I’m yet to try the products but I will be getting myself down to Illamasqua pronto!