New product I love – MAC’s “To the beach” Body Oil

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I recently discovered a gorgeous new product from MAC – “To the Beach” Body oil. These gorgeous oils are part of the “To the Beach” collection and come in two beautiful colours – a deep golden “Man Rays” and a lighter shimmer “Seaside”.

MAC’s “To the beach” Body Oil

I love how packed full of glitter pigments they are and they look absolutely amazing on the skin! The British Summer as been a bit of a let down this year, so these are a great way of making your skin glow. “Man Rays” looks beautiful on darker / tanned skin, where as if your pale like me, opt for the “Seaside” version. They also can help create an incredible dewy skin look when blended in with foundation.

MAC’s “To the beach” Body oil

These are limited edition, so make sure you get your hands on some! I highly recommend 😀

The body oils are part of MAC’s “To the Beach” Collection