Resultime product review

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I have recently discovered some lovely products by the brand “Resultime”. The first product I tried is the Skin Perfecting Serum, which I loved! It has a really gorgeous scent and left my skin feeling super soft. The texture of my skin was definitely smoother and after a few days, I really noticed a difference. As well as smoothing out the skin, the serum also stimulates the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. This would explain the lovely “plumpness” I felt my skin was too.

Resultime Skin Perfecting Serum

The other product from the range I tried was the Smoothing Resurfacing Mask. Again, I really loved this one!  This really hydrated my skin, which is handy as with being “on the go” with my job, I can sometimes forget to drink enough water (slap on the wrist, I know!!) & can get a little dehydrated. It really felt nourishing on my skin and again, smoother. It’s texture is almost gel-like and not drying, like some masks can be. It was a real treat to my skin.

Resultime Smoothing Resurfacing Mask

I really liked both these products and will definitely trying out some more of the range. If you fancy checking them out, visit their website –